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Recomiendo sin ninguna duda estas clases por muchas razones. No sólamente porque Robin es una persona tremendamente culta, sabia y respetuosa, también lo es por su profesionalidad y por el alto nivel que imprime en cada clase. Saca lo mejor de nosotros, aumenta la confianza en uno mismo y eso se traduce en todas las áreas personales. Ahora puedo hacer presentaciones en inglés en público con más naturalidad y un inglés de mayor calidad.  (Moncho)

Trato personalizado, se adapta a tus necesidades y mejorando tus aptitudes. Motivándote en todo momento para ganar confianza a la hora del examen. Me ayudó mucho y he aprobado el examen (nivel C1 EOI),  Gracias  Robin.  (Cristina)

Robin is an excellent teacher with a large experience and structured way of thinking and prepares lessons. He knows how to improve your confidence when using English language at stress demanding environments, such as business meetings or job interviews. I went through an intensive course this summer and I am really happy with the results. Thank you Robin.  (Gloria)

I think Robin's classes are very interesting. They aren´t like other English classes, in which you have to study the past simple... here you learn it but in funnier, and more interesting ways.  Also you learn a lot of culture: When was born Charles Dickens and which are his more populars novels; what is celebrated on the 4 of July...   I love your classes!!   (Eva, age 12)

Te escribo para decirte que aprobé el examen (BEC Preliminary) y ya por fin termine la carrera.  Gracias por todo.  (Sara)

Hola Robin, ...decirte que he aprobado tanto la asignatura de 1 como 2, asi que muchas gracias por tu ayuda!  un saludo  (Dani)

I've had the opportunity to meet many well-qualified teachers, but you are exceptional.  You are a fantastic person and as a teacher too.  The best thing of all is your way of giving information to us.  I love lessons with you because they are funny, fresh and full of important and interesting information.  (Monika)


Robin is a hardworking, well-organised tutor with great attention to detail and a passion for teaching English.  In addition to his taught subject, he is knowledgeable in many other fields - especially history - and uses his broad knowledge to deliver interesting lessons using a variety of teaching methods.  Eliza Johnson 


Professional and supportive.  Richard Geer    

All your colleagues would say that we have worked with one of the most supportive, reliable and competent colleagues, who everyone respected.  Galina Doneva


Your comments were always insightful and pertinent and raised the standard of discussion in the group.  But they were also very brief and quite sparing, so that yor presence never became intimidating to others.  I think this is a high art and I've never seen anyone perform it as well as you did. Dr Robin Cranmer, University of Westminster

Robin has an intelligent and creative approach to his teaching and has worked effectively towards developing his techniques for analysing language clearly and accurately for the benefit of learners.  He established good rapport with his students and developed effective techniques for correcting errors.  Katerina Ashiotis, CELTA Trainer, Westminster Kingsway College

Robin proved a very proificient teacher at both levels.  Lynn Durrant, Trainer CELTA Young Learners Extension, International House